There are number of VoIP providers and each boosts that it has got the best offers and plan for its customers. One of the same kind VoIP service provider is EcoCaller and this provides its clients with 1$ free VoIP call credit. From the customer’s point of view, it is one of the best advantages that a customer can get and you can also make use of the free credit for calling to any International country and that too for free. This is one of the best means through which you can make free VoIP calls to India.

In order to get to get advantage of 1$ free from

1)      Just visit official website of and sign up with them.

2)      Your account will get activated only on being verified by customer service team.

3)      You will be getting a notification mail in your account for the same.

4)      You will be getting access to SIP Username and password along with other account login detains through a text message and also by email.

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Distinguishing features of EcoCaller:-

1)      Customers will be getting access to cheap calling rates to International countries

2)      You will not be charged with any roaming charges

3)      EcoCaller will be providing its customers with easy options of Top up.

4)      You will not require any contract or SIM in order to enjoy this service.

EcoCaller is not engaged into forced advertising and as a customer, you will not be charged with any monthly subscription. There are no access numbers

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Phone internet service or Wi-Fi connection is required fro making the calls. You can make use of EcoCaller internet speed test and check the Wi-Fi connectivity. SIP technology is being used by EcoCaller. In case, you are using any Smart Phone, then you can download EcoCaller on it. This is available for Blackberry Mobiles, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Nokia Symbain Mobiles and Windows Mobile. In case, you are using the iPhone, iPod and iPad, then you will be able to download this application directly. You can also download this application from Android Market. In case, you are not having access to Smart Phones, then you can log in to its official website.

Calling rates of EcoCaller-

1)      Call to Indian Mobile- 1.2 cents per minute.

2)      Call to Pakistan Mobile – 3 cents per minute.

In the current Chinese new year, there are various promotions and plans that have been kept for the betterment of VoIP users by VoIP providers. Make sure that if you are still not very sure about making best use of this offer than most probably you are losing an opportunity that is coming to you which much of interest. There is something new and exciting that has been in store for you regarding the new Chinese New Year.

The current blog is combining within it an important provider namely Rebtel. There are number of our customers who are already using Rebtel for cheap VoIP calling. The best part is that rate of calling are also very much definite and competitive.

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We are not here to discuss behind the question of why it is necessary to use Rebtel but the main intention is to make you understand about Rebtel Chinese New Year.

Chineseny is a new voucher code that has been created by Rebtel in order to provide customers a perfect bonus of 100 % on their first deposit. The validity of this code will be from 22nd, January, 2012 to that of 5th February, 2012.

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An offer of double money is being placed by Rebtel in this period. This offer simply means that if at all you are purchasing a credit that is worth of $10 than on that you will get to access credit limit of $20.

It’s the time to celebrate the New Year!!

It has been very much into sight that Indians are quite far from various good opportunities like that of VoIP.  Till date there were not much offers in terms of applications that were available for the users of India. Taking this as an advantage, freephoo has made a move by breaking the old strategy and marching the market that is hungry for such arrival.

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Freephoo which is mainly a Swedish operator is providing its VoIP application to all the mobile users in India. With various android phones, you can easily carry out the downloading of freephoo application.

The application will allow the users to make in free calls via their phones through the network of Wi-Fi or the 3G. But there is also a condition that has been kept in respect that you can only make the calls free to users who are having freephoo application.

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As an application, freephoo is making in use of caller id along with the number to make out cheap VoIP calls to the users of application. The only strange challenge that remains with the Indian users is to find a better 3G connection or Wi-Fi that will provide you fast pace. Make sure that it is only 3G that can provide you with good speed that you must desire for.

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If you feel like calling a person using your freephoo application that you will have to spend in some money. It is always better to make calls from freephoo to freephoo because apart from that it can be quite difficult to understand the call rates that are available to you as per international call rates.

There are ample of VoIP service providers in the market, but it’s tough to look for a service provider who can provide you cheap calling plans. GoOn VoIP is a data and voice service providers and it has its Headquarters located in Singapore. In comparison with other VoIP providers, its calling plans are really very economical. Below, are the complete details:-

Calling rates of GoOn VoIP Service Provider

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  • Calling Plans for India – You will be charged 1 cent per minute
  • Calling Plans for Bangladesh- You will be charged 4 cents per minute
  • Calling Plans for China- Almost similar plans, Calling rate – 1.6 cents per minute
  • Calling Plans for Philippines -You will be charged 11 cents per minute
  • Calling Plans for Pakistan -You will be charged 4.5 cent per minute
  • Calling Plans for Nepal- You will be charged 12 cent per minute

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In order to credit your balance, you will be required to spend $5 or $10. According to your need and your convenience, you can buy credit of a higher range. Your credit will be valid for 1 year.

If you compare the calling rates of other International countries with India, then you can observe that India has economical calling rates.

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In order to register for GoOn VoIP, all you have to do is following-

  • Log on to official website of GoOn VoIP and sign up for a account
  • You will be required to make payments
  • Start calling to various International countries

In order to use GoOn VoIP service provider for making cheap VoIP Calls, you will be required to download PC Dialer and get access number for different countries. Access Number for United States- 14087869991.

Just for the sake of your ongoing holidays, there is a nice option that is coming to you in terms of an opportunity for making free VoIP calls. You can easily adopt the functioning of free tiring that calls for being interacted with family and friends. Before you jump n excitement there are also some essential aspects which you must keep in mind regarding this free offer that has been advertised to you.

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The cost that is ascertained as per various calls is kept still in silent with the advertisers.  Irrespective of the offer that you are getting, you must also be quite interested in knowing the new offer that you are getting of making free calls.

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In real world, this task of ad supported calling is not something new that has been introduced. Some options like Free VoIP calls, phone to phone, along with Calling America and others also stand on the similar platform. Free tiring come with the offer that has been made in recognition with some nifty attributes that comes along with them.

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Once you are done with the creation of account of free tiring, you can easily begin earning credits by making cheap VoIP calls. You can easily earn number of credits by using various promotional offers that are coming to you. Free tiring is also coming along with number of offers that are suitable for your friends.