CallArc is new company in VoIP field but they are offering absolutely free VoIP calls through their whole new mechanism in which you only have to take on some surveys and earn free credits; utilize these credits and make unlimited free VoIP calls worldwide. Basically, this service is available in south Asian countries like India and China. And many people from these countries are frequently using this service.

During its starting phase, the company did not have such offers but the recent offers from this company are quite interesting and exciting that let you to make frequent VoIP calls to any Indian mobile or landline no.  During this time, lots of other service providers entered in VoIP industry but didn’t carry on but it seems that CallArc has made its own distinct place.

The most striking feature of this service is that you don’t have in depth technical knowledge in order to make absolutely free calls via CallArc; just go for surveys or play interesting game so that you can earn enough free credits. Just spend those earned credits for free VoIP calls. Although, you also have the option to purchase the credits, but why should go for this option if you can make it free.

In order to make VoIP calls, CallArc offers local access or phone numbers; just like in case of calling cards. Even more, you can use any available CallArc iPhone calling or Android application or even PC dialers to use the service. In case, any country doesn’t support the local access numbers then you can go for any other option given here.

The service is available via SIP calling – the settings for SIP application are as follows:

Username for the service            : Your registered User-Name

Password                                            : Your registered password

Server Name                                     :

Port No.                                               : 5060

Now some discussion about calling rates – Many of you may think that if the services are free then why we should think about rates. But it’s not true. It’s true, that you can make free calls via CallArc but lesser call rate means more calling minutes. For instance: If you are calling India then the you will be charged 2.5 cents every minute thus having the free credit of $1 means you have twenty free minutes to call India.

Furthermore, you may face some problems while registering or using this service therefore it is necessary to clear each and every point before going for it.

The most common problem while registering with CallArc is related to number. There may be some problems while registering with Indian number and hence you should use any US or UK number. In case, you don’t have the numbers from these countries then you can enjoy the service with PC Dialer or Android app or iPhone app.

You may feel that you are not getting enough free credits by survey or games and reason behind the problem is that the free credits depends on you location i.e. you country. For resolving this problem you should go for a proxy.

Also, the company has developed a tutorial to learn its working procedure. Just search the video in YouTube and enjoy the free VoIP calls.


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